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UnPackt is the exclusive distributor of Agooday Pockeat Bag in Singapore. Original Pockeat bag can be purchased from UnPackt’s website or in store and partners stores listed here

Pockeat Bag

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Above $50 Only

Light Weight

at only 57g

Eco Friendly

Reusable, Repairable


Many usages

When Sustainability meets Design and Functionality

Cutlery Pouch

Lengthened design, Suitable for wide range of tableware

Pockeat Snack Bag

Designed for light meal, even for food with sauces

Cup Carrier

Both a cup holder and a straw holder. Quick Dry

Beverage Tote Bag

Double side design, Quick Dry material

Silk Dental Floss

Natural silk, Pure and natural, no additives

Pockeat Food Bag

The Signature product of Agooday!

Customers Reviews

Environmental friendly and easy to clean! Very light to carry around
very light weight & small to carry it around in my bag! Design is super cute too! So excited to use it & save the environment!:-) highly recommended
The quality of Pockeat food bag is very good, I likes it. Highly recommended.
tiktok made me try this😂 interesting product from taiwan but never seen people bringing them out in sg before. tried the snack bag to pack my fruits for work tomorrow. material is waterproof and dries very very fast.