Start the day with a Pockeat Bag to give you full energy.

A person’s breakfast, whether it is sandwiches, burgers, rice balls, and sesame seeds, can be put in directly into the bag and conveniently eat from it. 

Heat resistant, waterproof, spill proof

The inner bag is made of waterproof material and can be in direct contact with food. Whether it’s bread, biscuits, snacks with sauce, or even soup, you can safely put it in.

Great capacity to share delicious sharing

The 3 liter magic space can hold up to eight breads. Let you not miss out on all kinds of food and share delicious food with more people.

Plan B at any time in your pocket

Pockeat is a combination of two English words in “pocket + eat”. Can be stored in a small bag or pocket, does not affect your itinerary, but can be used at any time.

Flexible and no longer subject to container restrictions

Roll up or down with the adhesive strip, the Pockeat can vary in size depending on the contents. It’s just a matter of loading more and loading more!

Super convenient, no carrier needed.

The unique sticky handle design can be lifted with one finger, and the empty hand can be used to hold your child, answer the phone, and walk the dog; or hang the Pockeat on the bicycle handlebar.

Versatile, small pocket to store ice pack or napkins

Whether you want to eat cool fruits, or need a long-distance take-away picnic, just put the ice pack in the bottom pocket, do not take up space, will not touch the food, easily extend the preservation time.


Take out Pockeat


Open the mouth of the bag and fold it down by two folds. Pack the food directly in it.
* It is recommended that the liquid does not exceed 2/3 of the depth of the bag


Align the center and roll down. The
hook-and-loop fasteners are glued together to form a handle.
*If you are holding liquid, please lift it straight and do not squeeze it.


Turn the inner bag out and clean it with a sponge dipped in a neutral detergent.
*Avoid scratching the inner bag with abrasive brush.


Hang to dry in a ventilated place


Fold down according to the size of the concealed bag, turn over the four corners and put it in the concealed bag, easy to carry without burden

Inner bag — TPU

The TPU film has a molecular structure close to rubber, it’s an inert material, hence it will not emit VOCs. It has passed the national food container inspection standards and can directly contact food. The oleophobic characteristic makes cleaning more convenient. With a temperature resistance of 120 degrees C, there will be no doubts about food safety.

  • Will not leach toxic substances
  • No BPA
Outer bag — Polyester

It is often used in sports and functional clothing, such as polo shirts, swimwear, sweatshirts and so on. The heat-resistant temperature reaches 130 degrees C. It has the characteristics of quick drying and easy cleaning.

Handle  — Velcro

It is not easy to fall off the thread and fluff the ball, and it can be used about 20,000 times

Washing instruction label

Washing method and heat-resistant temperature are marked on the back

Dish Washer safe

No direct heating

Do not use microwave and oven

Do not use Steamer

Strong dye food may cause stain

When holding liquid, please lift it straight to avoid shaking and squeezing